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Which ski poles is best for you? The new CODE 9 and CODE 6 ski poles

The new 4KAAD ski pole collection has a lot of variations with different shafts for you as a cross country skier. The shafts are all made from high quality Diamond carbon developed and tested by the 4KAAD International LTD. Office and R&D.

The ski poles are all equipped with the AV Pro strap and a quick release basket system, the Change-IT basket system. It offers quick possibilities to change the basket size .

Many skier asking which ski poles is best for you? It depends how light you want to have the ski poles, super light with 100% carbon or with more glass fiber which is a bit more heavier. The Blackcode 10 is the ultimate racing ski pole with less than 50g/m weight .

cross country carbon ski poles
The best ski poles you can find at our store

The poles have award winning designs with a unique finishing. The carbon cork grip is made from high quality cork.

The 4KAAd carbon shafts have a unique and well known swing feel, which is perfect for skating and classic technique.

The poles are used from many athletes in Worldcup for Biathlon, cross country FIS Worldcup and ski marathon.


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