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What is roller ski? The new trend in summer training.

Roller skiing is an off-snow equivalent to cross-country skiing. Roller skis have wheels on their ends and are used on a hard surface, to emulate cross-country skiing. The skiing techniques used are very similar to techniques used in cross-country skiing on snow.

First created as a summer training exercise, roller skiing grew into a competitive sport in its own right. Annual championships are held in various locations around the world. Most, if not all, national cross-country ski teams around the world roller ski during the off-season for specific physical training simulating winter skiing. In Norway, separate roller ski facilities have been constructed to allow exercise off public roads.

What is roller ski? The new trend in summer training.
Roller ski as a new trend

Today there are especially in Scandinavia many famous roller ski competitions. Some of the most famous ones are Blink festival and Toppidrettsveka in Norway.

What is roller ski? The new trend in summer training.

The growth of the roller ski sport attracted the notice of the International Ski Federation, or FIS (Federation Internationale de Ski). In 1992, the FIS recognized roller skiing as a sport distinct from cross-country skiing.

The first World Games were held in The Hague in 1993, and the first World Cup roller ski races later in the same year. In 1998, in Prague, the FIS granted roller skiing an official FIS World Championships. On 30 August- 3 September 2000, these competitions took place in the Netherlands.

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Races have a variety of formats with different terrain. Formats include relays, sprints, team races, individual races and pursuit races. Terrain varies from relatively flat to hilly. On flat courses the speed can be as fast as 50 kilometres per hour (30 miles per hour). Average speed on flat tracks in World Cup races can easily be 30 kilometres per hour (20 miles per hour). As in regular cross-country skiing, the skiers compete in classic and freestyle. Helmets and protective eyeglasses in competitions are mandatory.

What is roller ski? The new trend in summer training.
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Today there are super sprints on roller ski and FIS Roller ski World championships. The fastest athlete on roller ski is the Italian Emmanulle Becchis

Asa product you can choose between classic roller ski and skating roller skis. Classic roller skis are usually ar 60cm with wider wheels made form rubber. Skate roller skis have larger wheels with 100 mm wheels and approx. 25 mm wide.

For Roller skis are used stiff carbon poles and special roller ski tips .

What is roller ski? The new trend in summer training.
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