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The World is cycling again

Cycling has become one of the most popular sport around the world. With Tore, starting today in Bilbao, one of the most popular sport event in the year has started. Many teams and athletes competing for the next three weeks for the victory. Roeste today states in Bilbao. We can see so many spectators which we will see most probably doing every stage in the next three weeks. Very important in cycling is a good equipment like bike gear sport, classes and functional textiles .4KAAD is a producer of high-quality sporting goods for cycling outdoors and winter sport. In the new sports classes collection has just been launched for the tour event . 6 new styles with modern designs and high-quality lens are available at the Repps store at best prices. Many different colours different type of lens and also different shape or perfect design for cycling and other sports. From today, the world is cycling again.

Sport glasses designed for cycling and traithlon
cycling with the 4KAAD tour


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