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The best place to ski in the summer. We have tested the best summer places for cross country skiing.

You are looking for the best place to ski in the summer, see amazing nature with the fjords and mountains. The best place to ski is Sognefjellet in the mountains in Norway.

The 4KAAD test team has been travelling around the best places to test the skis and wax.

The best place to ski in the summer
Skiing at Sognefjell in Norway

Sognefjell is located in Norway. It is a mountain pass and a high mountain area in the Jotunheimen mountains. The Sognefjell Pass, also known as Sognefjellsvegen, is a scenic road that runs through this area. It connects the villages of Lom in the Oppland county and Gaupne in the Sogn og Fjordane county. The pass reaches an elevation of about 1,434 meters (4,705 feet) above sea level and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, glaciers, and fjords. It is a popular destination for tourists and outdoor enthusiasts, especially during the summer months.

4KAAD ski test at Sognefjell in Norway
The best place to ski in the summer

The tracks are prepared daily with salt to have hard surface. You will meet the best Norwegian athletes and local teams up there. Very many National teams are present there week by week

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