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Ski roller is a summer training for cross country skier

Ski roller is a summer training for cross country skier and Biathlon athletes. For roller ski, do you need a pair of classic or skating roller skis.

Sometimes you can train on streets without traffics or bike roads, but best is using a special roller ski track. Roller ski tracks have been built more and more , especially in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

These are special asphalt roads for ski roller training, between 2 and 5 km laps. The best roller ski tracks can be found in Meråker Norway, Vuokatti Finland and Ramsau am Dachstein in Austria.

The Finnish brand 4KAAD has developed high quality roller ski for training, for skate and classic technique. Classic roller ski have wider wheels, made from rubber and the back wheel has a break, so that you don´t slip back while uphill skiing. Skating roller skis are with biller wheels, about 100mm size and more tall wheels as the classic ones. Skate wheels are similar to inline skate wheels but made form rubber. In both techniques it is important to use a helmet.

ski roller is a summer training for cross country skier
Roller ski innovation by 4KAAD

Protection and gloves are important to use in case you are a beginner or with less experience. Always check before training that the binding and wheels are well fixed.

For roller skis you are using the winter cross country ski boots and the same binding like in winter is mounted to the roller ski. Most popular bindings for roller ski is the Prolink binding from Salomon.


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